“Producing” is one of the most mysterious of all the roles played in creating entertainment. However, central to the process of raising and spending money for new concepts is the need for vision and extreme organizational skill. Ben Robinson has consulted to over 100 projects since 1980, lending his uncommon organization and attention to detail on large and small scales. His favorite credit: producing the Off B’way hit STOMP at a gala at Lincoln Center.


Prior to the age of 29, Ben Robinson was produced as a one man show, wrote an award-winning book and trekked 150 miles to the Base Camp of Mount Everest…all three accomplishments made possible because of his facility to research and organize vast amounts of information involving money, travel, time and talent.


Ben Robinson has also written, directed and sometimes appeared in many industrial videos. His projects span directing the employees of American Cyanamid (military contractors) in a rap song, to taking a dangerous fall backwards into a pyramid of Del Monte canned peaches, to sending tools flying like alien ships in video kiosks at The Home Depot.

Partial Credits:

—In 2000-2008: TV, government and education, Yahoo multimedia encounter groups and his own underground films.


—Hipbone Live! A documentary style promotional film for the record company HipBone records, 2000.


—Ghost: An Art Rock ‘n Roll Circus – Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Buskers Opening Gala, Pace University Theatre, New York City, 1995. Ghost in Seattle, Atlanta, Amsterdam 1995-1996.


—Live Art – starring the Off B’way hit, STOMP, Lincoln Center, New York City, 1994.


—Psychodyssey – multi-media show regarding his trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp, 1989-1993, appearances nationally.


—Chosen by World Champion Magician, Grand Prix winner, Johnny Ace Palmer to substitute for him at the world famous Magic Castle (CA) Close-Up Gallery, June, 1993.





—After Magic? – Theatreclub Funambules, New York City, 1989.


—Profiled as the entire 233rd chapter in Dr. John Nicholls Booth’s autobiography, Memoirs of a Magicians Ghost, 1989.


—Studying with Master Magician Milbourne Christopher, 1979-1984.


—Having taught magic to Spain’s Trade Commissioner Mariano Muela, Howard Stern, Diane Keaton, and many actors for film, TV and stage.


—10-year informal study of parapsychology with author of The Trickster and the Paranormal, George P. Hansen.

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