Ben Robinson has performed 9 different one-man shows (currently Truth & Illusion), seen in 20 countries (3-million people entertained) since 1974. He credits his success to one thing: creating wonder. He’s received awards from The Int’l Brotherhood of Magicians, The Soc. of American Magicians and the Milbourne Christopher Fdtn. After 9/11 the NYPD gave him an Honorary Shield for his relief efforts. 


The New York Times has written: “Ben Robinson delighted the audience. He is an internationally acclaimed Master Magician.”

Hiding In Plain Sight


Whether it is anomalous phenomenon, a tesseract, or meeting Katharine Hepburn on Valentine’s Day, Hiding In Plain Sight enthralls! Meticulous examples, details and painstaking research are covered in Hiding In Plain Sight. A guide for 21st century living, with a prefacing essay by master knife thrower Jason Willard Johnson, Hiding In Plain Sight provides readers with greater Wonder, Artfulness and Mindfulness. Hiding In Plain Sight = prescription for Robinson’s 2015—2017 WAM trilogy.



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