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Bill Hicks (1961—1994) was a gifted musician, who slayed audiences with sensational stand-up comedy. He was a stand-up philosopher, his great gift: bringing clarity, wit, insight and truth to evolve ideas.  


The poem ODE TO THE OUTLAW COMIC BILL HICKS is Ben Robinson’s tribute to the great comedian-philosopher. It has been set to music by Matt Turk.  Recorded in September 2017, these words and music will thrill you if you also read the poem while you listen to the song. Enjoy!

Bill Hicks

ODE TO THE OUTLAW COMIC BILL HICKS comes from The Door Is A Jar—Bill Hicks. This book explains why Hicks was called “the outlaw comic who tried to change the world.” Yet he was much more. Hicks humor is as relevant today in 2017 as when he played 300-nights a year in the US, Canada, Australia and England where he became a star. Leaving Earth in1994, his work and wonderful presence of mind still lives.

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