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Pop culture meets parapsychology in master magician Ben Robinson’s Hiding In Plain Sight. His urbanite rock’n roll voice narrates his experience with visible invisibility. Montauk Actors Group founder Gary Swanson says, “Ben Robinson’s voice is in the same room with you.

Whether it is anomalous phenomenon, a tesseract, or meeting Katharine Hepburn on Valentine’s Day, Hiding In Plain Sight enthralls! Meticulous examples, details and painstaking research are covered in Hiding In Plain Sight. A guide for 21st century living, with a prefacing essay by master knife thrower Jason Willard Johnson, Hiding In Plain Sight provides readers with greater Wonder, Artfulness and Mindfulness. Hiding In Plain Sight = prescription for Robinson’s 2015—2017 WAM Trilogy.


Truth & Illusion, 2018

Double walk away

Reverse angle

Starring & photographed by Loic Verges, France, 2018

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