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Jaw-dropping adventures from a dizzying career. An Indiana Jones, Harry Potter mashup.

—Victor Brisbin, VANISH Magic Magazine, Nov. 2020.


Who is Ben Robinson? Author. Master Magician. Knife thrower. Who is The Outlaw Hero? Between 2017 and 2019 audiences in seventy-five cities and several countries gave Ben Robinson standing ovations. For forty-five years he’s been spreading wonder, laughter and raising consciousness—now he explains how. Do you covet your dreams; mission impossible success? The Outlaw Hero explodes with secret tales and images regarding love, sex, “the loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires”, magic theatre and the ever-present struggle between Good and Evil. You know Robin Hood, Zorro, Batman and the Lone Ranger—now meet the real thing, The Outlaw Hero. 

From The Outlaw Hero: “This is intuition, the superhighway of thought. The operative, the outlaw hero, as the finest example of all tradecraft and silent justice, achieves the target, operation or stage show because they went ahead in time, saw what needed to occur and then went back to the so-called “present” and executed what they found in the future. Don’t believe me? Check this out.”


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