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Master Magician

When your company must win a client, or your event requires headline entertainment for a lasting impact, there is only one man with the experience, talent and pure magic…BEN ROBINSON!


Ben Robinson specializes in original close-up magic for small groups at corporate and private affairs. His stage show has appeared from New York to The Oriental hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. He has the unique ability to entertain both adults and children simultaneously. After pulling a rabbit from a top hat for children, the NY Times wrote that his performance “delighted the audience.” Ben Robinson can perform magic anywhere, with anything, and has demonstrated this unique ability for 35 years.


Surrounded, standing or sitting at tables, he’s performed at the world’s most famous hotels and black-tie events from Monte Carlo to New York. He has entertained everyone from Frank Sinatra to world champion mountaineer and Snowbird Ski Resort owner Richard D. Bass. He has been flown to LA, San Francisco and Seattle (from New York) being preferred by hosts over local talent. Technology giant IBM selected Ben from a nationwide search for a host to kick off the international IBM alumni program at their gala at Grand Central Station (2007).


He has blazed new performance territory since the 70’s by performing in concert with and as an opening act for name bands. After witnessing his wonders, music legend Richie Havens gave Ben a big hug for his original illusion where rings appear on all his fingers.

Ben Robinson is known for his unique ability to mix sales and sorcery, introducing new products and delivering client messages. In 2006-2008 he was a representative of IMEX importers of fine liquor and enhanced sales. On Valentine’s Day he appeared at the Center for Special Studies at NY Hospital for some of the oldest AIDS patients. In 27 out of 30 cases, he reversed clinical depression, attending physicians wrote.


Ben Robinson regularly performs on TV, stage and at close range at premier resorts, trade shows, company events and notable celebrations. He has represented American Express Travelers Cheques and Levis 501 jeans on TV.


Whether entertaining chairmen or children, members of the American Everest Team at the Base Camp of Mt. Everest, or nightlife crowds in Amsterdam, Robinson is one-of-a-kind. He’s entertained at both the Harrison Conference Center in Glen Cove, NY and at the Holiday Organization golf clubs for 15 years consecutively. He has appeared for company celebrations for Computer Associates Inc. and the Japan Travel Bureau more than 20 times each.


New York radio DJ Ken Schneidman expressed the general reaction to Robinson’s magic: “You were as talented as we had heard. Everybody loved having you here.”

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