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Wonder Globe

1. The Wonder Globe shows Ben Robinson performing all over the world. Each picture has a word attached that reviewers have used to describe Ben Robinson’s performance.


2. Let Ben Robinson amaze you. Choose a picture you find appealing. Place your finger on ANY picture. Leave it there.


3. Now spell the word that your finger is on by moving your finger in clockwise manner; one picture to the right, for each letter in the word that you are on. For instance, if you started on the ten o’clock point with the word “Gift,” you would count the first letter by moving your finger one picture to the right (landing on The Rubin Museum photograph) for the letter “G” in “Gift.” Then your clockwise- direction spelling would finish on the picture that has the word “Fun.”


4. Now, do it again. This time, use the number of letters in the word you landed on after the first count. Count clockwise one picture for every letter in the word. Do that now. Keep your finger there. Concentrate on the picture you have landed on, and the word with that picture.


5. Let’s recap: you selected a picture at random. Then you landed on a picture I could not have known of— because we are separated by time and distance. Then you did the same thing one more time.


6. Only you know your final choice. But, I want you to believe in magic.


7. Therefore, we hope you will agree, when you look at the word under your finger at this moment, that Ben Robinson is — “Entertaining!”

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