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Articles about Ben Robinson

The Road

Since September 11, in addition to shows for rescue workers, police, FDNY, and EMT, Ben Robinson has resumed his traveling performances. Between Halloween and New Year’s Eve he has appeared in: Newark, NJ, Princeton, NJ, Asbury Park, NJ, Greenwich, CT, Woodstock, NY, New York City, Hauppauge, NY, White Plains, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Bethesda, MD, Middleburg,VA and The Bronx, NY.

This is the story of a wizard

who had a lot of magical props

he wizard needed an assistant to help carry the props to all sorts of shows for all sorts of people.


So, the wizard and the assistant talked it over.


The wizard taught the assistant how to do 50 shows in 60 days in 10 cities while driving 2000 miles

(and still have a good time)!

Ready to roll. New York City.

Halloween at Princeton.

November 11: a return appearance. Guess where?

November 17, Woodstock, New York: with trixter guitarist Jon Wa

December 19, Hauppauge, New York : Holiday Organization Sr. Mgmt luncheon. Above: Company logo carved in ice.

Rehearsal: with the assistant making the blue violinist float. Nothing above or below.

Performance: the Floating Violinist. Simultaneously proving nothing supports the violinist except air and pure magic.

“Good bye!”

December 24,Virginia: passing through at 7am, to have breakfast with veteran stage telepath Miss Terry on her magical farm.

December 30, Philadelphia, PA.

Robinson’s signature trick in action at left and krisMyth recording his poem “Where’s Harpo?

December 31, New York City with his biggest fan, Julian Adler, age 6. Adler and Robinson met shortly after September 11th at the famous Bottom Line night club in New York City (where Julian’s parents — October Project recording artists Julie Flanders and Emil Adler — played one night with OP singer Marina Belica). Julian reminded Robinson of his one-year-in-advance booking for his party December 23rd. The two are pictured at another concert on New Year’s Eve.


The real-life Indiana Jones, John A. Keel, as he appears in the documentary made about his book “The Mothman Prophecies,” now a major motion picture starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney, which opened to great reviews January 25th. Keel and Robinson are old friends and are shown in the picture below at Robinson’s New York goodbye party, before the magician moved to Seattle in 1995.


For Robinson’s current on line article about the legenday Fortean author, click here:John A. Keel — From Jadoo to The Motorman

(Photo: copyright 2002 by Jim Moore)

Get your tickets and go see the major motion picture, The Mothman Prophecies!

Paul Daniels conjures for friends on his long running BBC-TV series.


“Meeting Royalty”

published December 2001 in The Joey,

Official Magazine of Clowns International

Ben Robinson’s account of his appearance in London (in 1986), amidst many other entertainers, during a benefit performance, where he met and was presented with a Russian Pearl by HRH Princess Anne (right).Ben Robinson was referred for this show by his friend, Engand’s most celebrated master magician, Paul Daniels.

The two magicians are shown above (center) in Eastbourne, England at the Golden Anniversary convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

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